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Who succeeded Henry VI?

Edward IV of England succeeded Henry VI of England. Twice. As for the Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI, his son Frederick succeeded him as King of Sicily and eventually as Emperor, but his brother Philip was elected his successor as… Full Answer

Henry IV of navarre?

Henry Iv was probably HENRY THE LIBERAL, father of Thibault V who died in1201 age 22 as he was preparing to leave on a Crusade to the Holy Land. Henry the Liberal and Thibault V's remains are resting in the… Full Answer

What does IV stand for?

It stands for intravenous. IV is also the Roman numeral for 4, (four or fourth) e.g. Chapter IV; Henry IV; Rocky IV, (1985 movie), etc etc. In Roman numerals, I is one, II is two, III is three, V is… Full Answer