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Was Heraclius a Muslim?

The Roman Emperor, Heraclius accepted Muhammad (S.A.W) as the final messenger of God. You have to understand how intelligent this man was, he was Christian and well studied in Christianity. The true Christian Scriptures, unlike the falsified ones of today… Full Answer

What man reorganized the legion?

A man named Principes. The most famous and probably most significant reformer of the Ancient Roman legions was Marius. However, various other Roman leaders, including Emperor Diocletian and Eastern Roman Emperor Heraclius, also reformed the legions. As to reorganizations of… Full Answer

Who is the patron saint of March 2?

Saints memorialized on March 2: Absolon of Caesarea Agnes of Prague Angela of the Cross Guerrero Arsenius of Tver Basileus the Martyr Chad Charles the Good Cynibild Eustacius of Luxeuil Fergna the White Gistilian Heraclius of Porto Romano Januaria of… Full Answer

Who is your patron saint if your birthday is June 8?

The following saints are memorialized on June 8: Armand of Zierikzee Bron of Cassel Calliope Cecilia Clodulf of Metz Eustadiola of Moyen-Moutier Gildard of Rouen Heraclius of Sens Jacob Berthieu John Rainuzzi Maria Droste de Vischering Maria Teresa Chiramel Mankidiyan… Full Answer

Which saint is honored on September 1st?

The following saints are memorialized on September 1: Abigail the Matriarch Adiutor of Campania Aegidius Agia Anna the Prophetess Arcanus Augustus of Campania Canion of Campania Constantius the Bishop Donatus of Sentianum Elpidius of Campania Felix of Sentianum Gideon the… Full Answer