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What are the odds of a marriage working out if a couple has separated and got back together and does it guarantee the marriage will work out a second time?

Answer . Well, the fact that the couple has taken time off and is trying to make the marriage work is a sign that they're willing to put effort into something they take ser ( Full Answer )
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If a couple separates for a few months and gets back together because of love does it mean that the marriage will last and be stronger the second time?

Answer . It can go both ways. They obviously didn't like being apart which will make them work harder to stay together. \nThe bad thing thing is the problems that made the ( Full Answer )
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Can couples therapy help a marriage?

Answer . Yes, in some cases it can. However, both parties have to be open minded and work with the therapist. From talking to different people they say it's the male cou ( Full Answer )
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When is it OK for a couple to sleep together?

Answer . I am interpreting your question 2 ways: when is it OK for a couple to sleep together in their relationship, and when is it ok for a couple to sleep together if th ( Full Answer )
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How do you save your marriage?

Communication is key to a happy marriage. You need to figure outwhat the underlying problem is talk to each other about it. Makesure you're both prepared to have an adult conv ( Full Answer )
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What are the causes of separation among couples?

Most of the time, the major causes of separation among couples are. 1. unfaithfulness. 2. irresponsibilities like, escess drinking alcohol, gambling,. 3. lack of sexual sat ( Full Answer )
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What is marriage separation?

Separation simply means making the decision that the marriage has broken down. You don't have to move out to separate, just tell your spouse that things have come to an end an ( Full Answer )
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What are the causes of separation among couple?

a common one is money conflicts, then different interests, personality differences, family relatives issues, differences of opinion of many issues. ANSWER: There's a lot o ( Full Answer )
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Should couples vacation separately?

If they want to why not - if they have different interest from each other it makes sense to take separate vacations
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What to do when marriage separation?

Buy a microwave. You'll need it. And it ticks the other person off because they're stuck with the old one!
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What do you save your marriage?

It takes two to make a marriage work and unfortunately in many cases at least one of the spouses is uncooperative. Women are more likely to see a Marriage Counselor than men a ( Full Answer )
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Why do married couples separate?

Your question is too broad to answer and the reason every couple separates is not generally public information.
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How long can you be separated to void a marriage?

In the United States you must take legal steps to dissolve a marriage. The dissolution of marriage is governed by state statutory law. It will not dissolve on its own by the p ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a married couple separated?

If they were mutually interested in a separation, you could ask them to file for a divorce. I am in a serious affair with a married guy and i want him to get separated to his ( Full Answer )
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Misunderstanding on couples lead to separation?

What kind of misunderstanding? How honest are the two of you? Those are big questions. Without enough honesty any situation can lead to separation or divorce.
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How do you save the marriage?

Saving a marriage can be difficult. One of the old fashioned way to make up or never even part your ways can be to refresh yourselves every night by saying i love you ect. But ( Full Answer )
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How do you obtain an legal marriage separation?

Legal separation is NOT the same as a divorce. A judgment of alegal separation lawsuit leaves the couple with the legal status ofmarried persons while settling the respective ( Full Answer )
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Why early marriage is not good for the couple?

I don't think this is a question that anyone can answer but the people who are getting married. It is an opinion on what is considered "early". If you feel you are ready to ge ( Full Answer )
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Marriage couple not sleep on the same bed?

Usually when 2 couples don't sleep in the same bed it means they are either mad at each other or they just don't feel comfortable.
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Why the early marriage is not good for the couple?

because in childhood the child want education but the problems of home the parents has do the early marriage is not good for the couple!
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Why marriage counseling has 80 percent failure when saving couples marriage?

Failure during and after marriage counseling is caused by one or both couples not wanting to save the marriage in the first place. Particularly men object to airing out their ( Full Answer )
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What can you do if you want to save your marriage?

If a husband or wife decide they want out of the marriage then there is nothing much that can be done, but if the marriage has gone stale (this is quite normal for many couple ( Full Answer )
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What is separation between a couple?

A separation between a couple is a breakup, or informally "dump". A married couple gets a divorce.
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Why do couple sleep in different beds?

Some couples sleep in different beds because each person can have different sleeping habits. Some can flip and flop around in bed waking their partner up; one of the mates may ( Full Answer )
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Should couple annul their marriage to separate their relationship?

United States: The couple must consult with a professional to determine if they qualify for a civil annulment. Only a civil annulment would sever the legal bond between them ( Full Answer )
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How do you say gay couple marriage?

When two people of the same-sex get married, it is called a "marriage." Period. The full recognition of the right of that couple to get married is called "marriage equality." ( Full Answer )
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Why early marriage not good for the couple?

If by early you mean the couple are young - for example 16 or 17 then it is a case of how mature they are and how much life experience they have. If by early you mean after a ( Full Answer )
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Can teen couples sleep naked?

It's physically possible. In some locations, however, it could be illegal, depending on the precise ages of the teens in question.
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How does a couple consecrate their marriage?

Consecrate generally means to dedicate to a sacred purpose. A couple would consecrate their marriage by having the marriage solemnized by a religious ceremony and by their per ( Full Answer )