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Why advocate homosexuality?

There are many people who believe that homosexuality should be condemned and it shouldn't, because it's just as completely natural as heterosexuality. Full Answer

What has the author Rachel Carroll written?

Rachel Carroll has written: 'Rereading heterosexuality' -- subject(s): Heterosexuality in literature, Feminist literary criticism, English fiction, American fiction, History and criticism 'Adaptation in contemporary culture' -- subject(s): Literature, Adaptations, Motion pictures and literature, History and criticism, Film adaptations, Mass media… Full Answer

What is heterosexual bias?

The assumption that everyone is a heterosexual, and the assumption that heterosexuality is superior (or that all other forms of sexuality are "perverse" or "distorted" -- which amounts to the same thing). Full Answer

Was Anne Frank a bisexual?

There is no evidence whatsoever that Anne Frank was bisexual, or was even familiar with the concept. Her lifelong fascination with boys, and her genuine - if short lived - love for Peter strongly imply her normal heterosexuality. Full Answer

What causes heterosexuality?

Sexual preference is determined by a person's genetics. It can also be impacted by the environment in which a person is raised. So a person abused by women during his early life may not want sexual relations with a woman. Full Answer

Is being bisexual socially acceptable?

Yes, being bisexual is simply another grade on the sexual orientation spectrum where homosexuality is one end and heterosexuality the other end. Organisations such as the American Psychological Association (APA) have vehemently stated that there is nothing wrong or abnormal… Full Answer

What does straight mean in a relationship?

The term "straight" or "hetero" in a relationship refers to sexual orientation. Straight/hetero implies heterosexuality, as opposed to homosexuality. In short, the term hetero means that someone is attracted to people of the opposite sex ie man interested in woman. Full Answer

Who does johnny think is a hero And why?

Johnny thinks Paulie is a hero, because he has a beautiful, melodic voice, luscious black hair, perfectly droopy eyes that are a brilliant shade of hazel. He also has immovable heterosexuality, which is often questioned. But they love each other… Full Answer