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Do turtles hibernat?

Certain breeds do. It depends on what kind of habitat a particular breed is comfortable with. I used to have box turtles which lived outside and hibernated in the winter. Now I have leopard tortoises, which originated in africa, so… Full Answer

Do any birds hybernate?

Yes. There are some birds that do not fly, that must hibernate instead of migrate. For an example, Kakapoe (A bird that is already extinct, due to no males to mate with) had wings, but never flied. The built nests… Full Answer

What happen when dinosaurs died?

Current best estimates are that there was a large meteor that landed in Chixculub in Mexico, and the energy from this impact sent up a dust cloud that changed the climate for a period. Much too cold. This was about… Full Answer

Why do bears hibernate in winter?

It would go against all their survival instincts if they hibernated in the summer They give birth to their young during the hibernation period, in the winter . Being such a large mammal, they need time to nurture their young… Full Answer

Are animals hungrier in fall or in spring?

Given those choices, the answer is likely spring. Animals that have struggled through the scarcity of winter would be hungrier during the early spring, than in the relative abundance of food in the fall. Animals that have hibernated through the… Full Answer

Did Germans make the first teddy bear?

an odd intrusion of politics into toydom, the popular (Teddy) Bear owes its name to some mildly controversial incident involving Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt on a hunting trip in, I believe Minnesota. Teddy Roosevelt, was, of course an ardent hunter and… Full Answer