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What place did lutheranism start?

Lutheranism began in Germany, but quickly spread because of its simple theology, its biblical translation into German and other languages soon after (thanks to the printing press), and because of oppressive forces in the Catholic Church. Full Answer

Was St Patrick a Baptist?

No, Patrick was a Catholic Bishop. The Baptists did not exist until over 1000 years after Saint Patrick died. However, he did baptize thousands of pagans. Full Answer

What is a Lutheranism?

Lutheranism is a religion that came from Germany and was started by Martin Luther who had been a Catholic priest in the 1600's and wanted to reform the Catholic church. ( Here is a clue to help you with words… Full Answer

Where was Lutheranism originated?

Lutheranism's historical path can be traced down two main forks in the road: The undivided universal Church, as instituted by Jesus, underwent a split during which Western and Eastern Christianity divided. This is called the "Great Schism." Within the Western… Full Answer

Is Catholicism older than Lutheranism?

The two Churches share a history until about the sixteenth century. "Lutheranism" came to identify the faction that sided with Martin Luther, the Catholic priest who sparked the protestant reformation. His intent was not to start a separate church, but… Full Answer

Why did lutheranism spread?

because at the time, the catholic church took more from the lower class peasants than they had for examples, indulgences were documents that released you from your sins, so everyone paid for indulgences which were made up the church also… Full Answer