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What has the author Ian Reid written?

Ian Reid has written: 'Under cover agent' 'Wordsworth and the formation of English studies' -- subject(s): English literature, Study and teaching (Higher), Criticism, Theory, History and criticism, Criticism and interpretation, Canon (Literature), History 'Framing reading' -- subject(s): Reading comprehension, Evaluation… Full Answer

What has the author Leo Kreutzer written?

Leo Kreutzer has written: 'Literatur und Entwicklung' -- subject(s): History and criticism, In literature, Literature, Modern, Literatures, Modern Literature 'Goethe in Afrika' -- subject(s): German literature, History and criticism, Study and teaching (Higher), Germanists 'Mein Gott Goethe' -- subject(s): Criticism… Full Answer

What has the author F R Leavis written?

F. R. Leavis has written: 'Sotto che re, briccone?' 'Determinations' 'Reading out poetry and Eugenio Montale' 'The living principle' 'Scrutiny' -- subject(s): Criticism, History and criticism, English literature, Periodicals, Scrutiny, History 'A selection from Scrutiny' -- subject(s): English literature, Criticism… Full Answer