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What has the author Anne Turner Simpson written?

Anne Turner Simpson has written: 'Historic St Andrews' -- subject(s): Antiquities 'Historic Peterhead' 'Historic Wick' 'Historic Kilmarnock' 'Historic Kinghorn' 'Historic Lochmaben' 'Historic Auchtermuchty' 'Historic Elgin' 'Historic Inverkeithing' -- subject(s): Antiquities 'Historic Dunbar' 'Historic Renfrew' 'HISTORIC PITTENWEEM' 'Historic Strathaven' 'Historic Kilwinning'… Full Answer

What is a historic period?

A historic period is basically a historic year say for instance 1200 bc that would be a historic period e.g : the tudors is a historic period, The victorians is another historic period.

What has the author E Patricia Dennison written?

E. Patricia Dennison has written: 'Historic Cumnock' -- subject(s): Antiquities, Historic sites 'Historic Melrose' -- subject(s): Excavations (Archaeology), Antiquities, History 'Conservation and Change in Historic Towns' 'Historic Stornoway' -- subject(s): Antiquities 'Historic Dalkeith' -- subject(s): Antiquities 'Historic Aberdeen' -- subject(s)… Full Answer

Is eating shellfish forbidden by Christians?

Most Christians do not observe the Mosaic dietary laws, so shellfish is acceptable to them but denominations such as Seventh Day Adventism regard shellfish as unclean and therefore not to be eaten.

Who made up Buddha?

There is a historic Buddha, like there is a historic Henry VII and a historic Einstein. No one made him up.