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What has the author Pam Koerbel written?

Pam Koerbel has written: 'Does anyone else feel like I do?' -- subject(s): Abortion, Attitudes, Christianity, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Abortion, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Abortion, Women 'Mommy, what's abortion?' -- subject(s): Abortion, Christianity, Juvenile literature, Religious aspects… Full Answer

How do you abort pregnancy at home?

If you are looking for abortion you have to go to a clinic and get abortion pills that you take at home and then go back for a examination. You can not experiment at home because you can get seriously… Full Answer

How many Americans are pro-abortion?

No one is pro-abortion and always prefer abortion. I think you are talking about pro-choice which is a woman should have the right to choose abortion if that is what she wants. We all wish unwanted pregnancies and abortion would… Full Answer

Abortions and DC?

not sure what your question is? do you mean in Washington DC? or do you mean D & C which is one of the types of abortion. there is also RU486 - the pill abortion. NOT to be confused with… Full Answer