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What has the author Jon M Bill written?

Jon M. Bill has written: 'Duesenberg' -- subject(s): Automobiles, Racing, Duesenberg automobile, History, Pictorial works, Racing Automobiles 'Auburn Cord Duesenberg' -- subject(s): Cord automobile, Auburn automobile, Racing Automobiles, Duesenberg automobile, Antique and classic cars, Pictorial works, History Full Answer

What has the author Patrick R Foster written?

Patrick R. Foster has written: 'The Metropolitan Story' -- subject(s): History, American Motors automobiles, Nash Metropolitan automobile 'Rambler' -- subject(s): Rambler automobile, Pictorial works, History 'Hudson automobiles' -- subject(s): Hudson automobile, Pictorial works, History 'Kaiser-Frazer 1947-1955 photo archive' -- subject(s)… Full Answer

What has the author Michael Bradley written?

Michael Bradley has written: 'The Hummer' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Military Automobiles, Hummer trucks 'Prius' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Hybrid electric cars, Prius automobile 'The Corvette' -- subject(s): Corvette automobile, Juvenile literature 'GTO' -- subject(s): GTO automobile, Juvenile literature, History… Full Answer

What are car?

By definition an automobile or car is a wheeled vehicle that carries its own motor and transports passengers. The automobile as we know it was not invented in a single day by a single inventor. The history of the automobile… Full Answer

What has the author Jonathan Wood written?

Jonathan. Wood has written: 'The VW Beetle' -- subject(s): Volkswagen automobile 'Porsche' 'Rolls-Royce' -- subject(s): History, Rolls-Royce automobile 'Great American cars' 'MGB' -- subject(s): M.G. automobile 'The restoration and preservation of vintage and classic cars' -- subject(s): Amateurs' manuals, Automobiles… Full Answer

What has the author Dennis Adler written?

Dennis Adler has written: 'Merecedes-Benz 300Sl' 'Porsche' -- subject(s): History, Porsche A.G., Porsche automobiles 'Packard (Motorbooks Classic)' 'Chrysler' 'Corvettes' -- subject(s): Corvette automobile, History 'The Art of the Automobile' -- subject(s): Automobiles, Antique and classic cars, Collectors and collecting, History… Full Answer

What year invented the car?

The history of the automobile starts in the year 1769 when the steam engine automobile was invented. In 1806 the first cars with internal combustion where created. In 1885 modern petrol/gasoline was used in cars. Full Answer