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What are some new models of Honda cars?

Some new models of Honda cars include: the 2013 Honda Accord Coupe, 2013 Honda Accord Sedan, 2013 Honda Civic Coupe, 2013 Honda Civic Hybrid, 2013 Honda Civic Natural Gas, 2013 Honda Civic Sedan, 2013 Honda CR-Z and 2013 Honda Crosstour. Full Answer

Where can one get a Honda Metropolitan?

A Honda Metropolitan is a moped which is sold and manufactured by Honda Motors. One can purchase a Honda Metropolitan directly from a Honda dealer. Using the tool on the Honda website, one can locate the nearest dealer. Full Answer

Who created Honda Accord?

Honda was founded by Soichiro Honda. The Accord was designed by the designers and engineers at Honda. Soichiro Honda apporved the cars final design and had lots of input in that design. Full Answer

Are Honda and hero Honda same?

Hell no..Hero Honda is Indian(they are using Japanese tech.) but Honda is originally Japanese..but now India also making Honda Brand named bikes,after Hero and Honda companies split up.. Full Answer

Where can one purchase Honda auto parts?

Honda auto parts are available for purchase directly from Honda. One may also purchase parts from local Honda dealer and Honda specialist mechanics. If one wishes to purchase parts online, one of the following webiste could be used Honda parts… Full Answer