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What is the akarshan mantra?

This akarshan mantra is used to attract your love -one.This mantra has a power to take all attention from your partner which you deserve. This akarshan mantra help your Love-mate to fall in love with you again.For more details you… Full Answer

What is a mantra in Buddhism?

A mantra in Buddhism, also in Hinduism, is another word for a sacred sound. In Buddhism, a mantra is a practice along with meditation, mudras, and prayer wheels. LikeImGoingToSayMyName LOL :) Full Answer

What can Vashikaran Mantra do for love?

Vashikara mantra is derived from the great vedic and astrological ancient indian history. The initial step of this art is to receit the"mantra" which enables production of power ans spirit for vashikaran mantra to work.Main power behind a successful vashikaran… Full Answer