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How do you use linkedin?

Linkedin is mainly for professional purposes and is a social network for professionals. Just sign up and get your username and password just like other sites. Then complete your professional profile on the site. A more completed profile is better… Full Answer

Can you chat on linkedin?

InChat App for LinkedIn| Port your entire LinkedIn network into one mobile app so you can chat instantly with them. Yes you can Instant messaging chat with your LinkedIn Connection By InChat App for LinkedIn. With InChat App You can… Full Answer

Yeli lindley where her location?

A person named Yeli Lindley is a member of LinkedIn, but you have to also be a member in order to see his or her profile. The only location listed for Yeli is the United States.

How do you manage LinkedIn?

You can manage LinkedIn activities by using a LinkedIn marketing software such as LinkedDominator. Its a superb tool for business people and individuals that helps you promote on LinkedIn and manage various LinkedIn groups and pages form a single dashboard.