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Hubris in a sentence?

To have hubris is to have an excessive amount of self-confidence or pride. An example of a sentence using the word "hubris" would be: His hubris often got him into situations that he couldn't get out of. Full Answer

Does Beowulf have flaws?

Beowulf has many flaws. But his flaws are all a result of his hubris. Hubris is the tragic flaw that causes Beowulf`s death. See the related links section below for more information about his hubris Full Answer

What is judicial hubris?

Hubris is that misplaced self-confidence that inevitably results in a fittingly tragic come-uppance called nemesis. Judicial hubris is that misplaced self-confidence of the judicial system, or of the jurists, that results in tragedy. Full Answer

What causes hubris?

Hubris is excessive pride and confidence in one's self along with a contempt for others. Psychologists believe that hubris is caused when someone who is prone to the condition attains a position with high power and little outside oversight. Full Answer