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What animals live in Hungary?

Long-horn Hungarian Grey Cattle Magyar Vizsla Hungarian Puli Hungarian Komondor Hungarian Kuvasz Hungarian Pumi Hungarian Sighthound Transylvanian Bloodhound Hungarian Mudi Hungarian thoroughbred horses Lipizzan, Mangalits Racka Hungarian buffalo Hungarian mottled cattle Hungarian tarsza

What is the Hungarian word for pearl?

The Hungarian word for pearl is gyongy. There are two words for the word red in Hungarian and they are piros and voros. Hungarian is a widely spoken language in Europe.

Were Paul Newman's parents Hungarian?

Yes. Paul Newman was 3/4 Hungarian. Father was 1/2 Hungarian-Jewish and mother Hungarian-christian. The wast majority of hungarians are very mixed, "true hungarians" being in minority. Therefore PN is no exception from average Hungarian. L.S./Stockholm Another mixed Hungarian