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Where are ibex from?

Ibex are a wild goat from the Capra genus. There is no single location an ibex is from. There are Alpine ibex from the European Alps, Spanish ibex from the Iberian peninsula, and Nubian ibex found in mountainous regions of… Full Answer

How many types of Ibex are there?

There are nine species of "Ibex" or their Latin genus name, "Capra". The species are as follows: Spanish Ibex, Alpine Ibex, Nubian Ibex, Siberian Ibex, Walia Ibex, West Caucasian tur, East Caucasian tur, the Wild Goat, and the Markhor. If… Full Answer

Is the ibex extinct?

No, The Ibex had been extinct until a few years ago, when the frozen tissue of an ibex was used to clone the animal. I'm not sure of how exactly they did this, but either way, no, they are not… Full Answer