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What is creepy pasta?

A play on the term "copy pasta", which refers to threads that are copied and pasted onto imageboards. "creepy pasta" is "copy pasta" that deals with the supernatural (ghosts, spirits, etc) note: it's not pronounced 'PAA sta' like what you… Full Answer

What is an imageboard?

An Imageboard is a web site which focuses on posting images and discussing them. Imageboards are often divided into several different categories for different topics, such as /v/ for Video Games, /a/ for Anime/Manga and /mu/ for Music. A user… Full Answer

Rules of 4chan?

Do not upload, post, discuss, request, or link to, anything that violates local or United States law. This will be severely punished and strictly enforced. If you are under the age of 18, or it is illegal for you to… Full Answer