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What does a thermal imager do?

A thermal imager is a special type of camera or monitor that sees infrared thermal radiation (heat) and creates images called thermograms from that. Thermal imagers are useful in many different industries including surveillance, construction, medicine and more. Full Answer

What is gaddinium?

It's substance used in M.R.I. (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) by injecting it into vein, when imaging brain tissue. Shortly, it's contrast material for the Magnetic Resonance Imager. Full Answer

How big is the biggest crater on Mars?

The biggest crater that has been discovered on Mars, was spotted by Bruce Cantor using the Mars Color Imager weather camera. He spotted it in January 2012, estimating it to be about 48.5 by 43.5 meters. This is about the… Full Answer

What does CCD mean for video cameras?

CCD is the abbreviation for Charged Coupled Device. CCD is the solid state imaging sensor, commonly known as the imager. It is the long, existing technology that reproduces very high quality pictures but consumes intense power and is less than… Full Answer

What has the author William J Gutowski written?

William J. Gutowski has written: 'Temperature-dependent daily variability of precipitable water in special sensor microwave/imager observations' -- subject(s): Satellite observation, Microwave imagery, Ocean surface, Precipitation particle measurement, Sea surface temperature, Temperature distribution, Air water interactions, Precipitation (Meteorology), Water vapor Full Answer