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What does a thermal imager do?

A thermal imager is a special type of camera or monitor that sees infrared thermal radiation (heat) and creates images called thermograms from that. Thermal imagers are useful in many different industries including surveillance, construction, medicine and more. Full Answer

What doctors do radiologists work with?

Radiologists work with many types of doctors, which may reflect their subspecialty training if any. General radiologist most commonly work with emergency physicians, primary care physicians, internists and surgeons. Subspecialists such as neuroradiologists have more contact with neurosurgeons and neurologists… Full Answer

What are 10 modern uses of magnets?

particle accelerators NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance - chemical analysis) MRIs (magnetic resonance imagers - medical diagnostic tools) electric motors mag-lev trains audio speakers generators computer hard drives metal recycling/processing junkyard electromagnetic cranes Full Answer