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What are some moral ideals?

Honesty, integrity, chastity, kindness, mercy, altruism, incorruptibility, tolerance, modesty, perseverance, constancy, fidelity, prudence, moderation, justice, commitment, trustworthiness, temperance, courage, humility. Full Answer

Are Catholic disinterments allowed?

Yes, if there is a legitimate purpose for the action. It is not unusual for the Catholic Church itself to disinter an individual who has a cause for sainthood to verify that the individual did exist, to check for any… Full Answer

Why was Bernadette made a saint?

In the case of Bernadette of Lourdes, she had an exemplary life that included a series of visits from the Virgin Mary. During these visions Mary revealed information that could not have been known by Bernadette, who had little formal… Full Answer