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What do Indians drink?

Indians generally drink different types of drinks depending with the season, occasion and budget. Examples of the drinks consumed by Indians includes coffee, tea, alcohol, and soft drinks. Full Answer

Does lime reduce the effect of alcohol?

It depends on which lime you use: In the case of other lime (chemically, Calcium oxide) is used to dehydrate alcohol. If you eat paan (more info ) as most Indians do after drinks, the lime present in Paan… Full Answer

What tribes are found in Brazil?

The Apalai Indians The Arara do Para Indians The Aruan Indians The Ashaninka Indians The Atroari-Waimiri Indians The Bakairi Indians The Baniwa Indians The Camara Indians The Cariay Indians The Carib Indians The Carutana Indians The Cashinahua Indians The Cawishana… Full Answer

Is there alcohol in water?

In plain tap water, there is no alcohol. There is no alcohol present in any water unless it is labeled that there is alcohol in water. Alcohol can be dumped into the ocean, and then alcohol would be in water… Full Answer

What has the author Christina Rocha written?

Christina Rocha has written: 'First Nations water rights in British Columbia' -- subject(s): Water rights, Government relations, Stalo Indians, Kwakiutl Indians, Comox Indians, Ntlakyapamuk Indians, Tsattine Indians, Chilcotin Indians, Tsimshian Indians, Bella Coola Indians, Haisla Indians, Carrier Indians, Heiltsuk Indians… Full Answer