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What is mechanised infantry?

They ride around in heavy armoured vehicles (as opposed to light infantry). In the US, they'd be equipped with the Bradley fighting vehicle. In the UK, they'd use the Warrior IFV. Full Answer

What is an Infantry Division?

A division is a large military unit or formation usually consisting of around ten to twenty thousand soldiers. Early infantry divisions were mainly basic foot soldiers, however today, one of the most common kinds of infantry divisions are mechanized infantry… Full Answer

Why do you still use army tanks?

Militaries still use tanks for artillery from the guns or newer tanks with rockets, infantry support, they can easily maneuver and are able to smash through structures, and can break through infantry lines because of the infantry's lack of being… Full Answer

What is a m113?

The M113 is a military infantry track vehicle. It was designed and built in the U.S. and used by the American Army since the early 60s. It is also used my the military of many other countries all over the… Full Answer