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What is a personal nouns?

A personal pronoun is a pronoun designating the person speaking (first person), the person spoken to (second person), or the person or thing spoken about (third person); a pronoun having a definite person or thing as an antecedent and functioning… Full Answer

List 4 properties of water?

cohesive behavior ability to moderate temperature expands upon freezing versatility as a solvent has the ability to exist simultaneously as a solid, liquid, and a gas. Full Answer

What are the specializations of sociology?

Analytical sociology Applied sociology Architectural sociology Behavioral sociology Chinese sociology Collective behavior Comparative sociology Computational sociology Critical sociology Cultural sociology Dramaturgical sociology Economic sociology Educational sociology Empirical sociology Environmental sociology Evolutionary sociology Feminist sociology Figurational sociology Historical sociology Humanistic sociology… Full Answer

What are the streets in east sampaloc?

1008 manila (sampaloc east) 3 marias alcantara alegria alex algeciras altura ext. aly-1,2,3 ansures antipolo arenas arevalo atis b.tuazon basilio bataan batanes batanes ext. Benito benny beting blumentritt bohol buenos aires calabash a & b calabash road carola castanos cebu… Full Answer

What are some girl super heros?

Alisha (Misfits) Alexandra/Alex (Totally Spies) Alice (Resident Evil series) Amber (Eclipse Comics) American Dream (Marvel Comics-MC2) American Maid (The Tick) Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld (DC Comics) Andromeda (DC Comics) Andromeda (Marvel Comics) Angela (Image Comics) Aquagirl (DC Comics) Samus Aran… Full Answer