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Does RNA editing eliminate introns?

No. The process which eliminatesintrons is called 'splicing'. This process is mediated by the protein complex called a spliceosome and probably occurs simultaneously with RNA editing. RNA editing is the addition, removal or substitution of bases in an RNA molecule… Full Answer

Why is lactic acid a problem?

The build-up of lactic acid in muscle tissue during strenuous exercise being actually a common cause of muscle cramps. This happens from insufficient oxygen not being able to oxidize lactic acid, which would otherwise get rid of it from muscle… Full Answer

What is hypoxanthine?

Hypoxanthine is a naturally occurring purine derivative. It is occasionally found as a constituent of nucleic acids, where it is present in the anticodon of tRNA in the form of its nucleoside inosine. It has a tautomer known as 6-hydroxypurine… Full Answer