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What is RGD?

RGD is the one letter amino acid abbreviation for Arginine-Glycine-Aspartic acid, part of the recognition sequence for integrin binding to many extracellular matrix proteins.

Which of these is attached to the extracellular matrix?

Many cells bind to components of the extracellular matrix. This cell-to-ECM adhesion is regulated by specific cell surfacecellular adhesion molecules (CAM) known as integrins. Integrins are cell surface proteins that bind cells to ECM structures, such as fibronectin and laminin… Full Answer

How do mammal eggs get fertilized?

And you thought you knew all there was to know about fertilization… The enormous population growth and high incidence of infertility in humans demand a fuller appreciation of the mechanisms that govern fertilization. But although the principle cellular events of… Full Answer

What are the tissues in the human body?

Tissue in the human body: Epithelial: Is made of cells arranged in a continuous sheet with one or more layers, has apical & basal surfaces. A basement membrane is the attachment between the basal surface of the cell & the… Full Answer