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What has the author Gerald Chan written?

Gerald Chan has written: 'International studies in China' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Foreign relations 'China engages global governance' -- subject(s): International cooperation, International organization, International relations, Foreign relations 'Chinese perspectives on international relations' -- subject(s): Foreign relations Full Answer

What is the difference between international relations international affairs and international studies?

Most simplistic way to distinguish two first issues: International relations are relations between various entities in international arena .It could be relations between states, relations between different organizations (regional, world wide, tc). International affairs are issues/topics/problems of concern of various… Full Answer

What has the author J D Armstrong written?

J. D. Armstrong has written: 'The rise of the international organisation' -- subject(s): International agencies, Regionalism (International organization) 'From Versailles to Maastricht' -- subject(s): International agencies, International organization 'International law and international relations' -- subject(s): POLITICAL SCIENCE / International Relations… Full Answer

What has the author Henry R Nau written?

Henry R. Nau has written: 'Perspectives on International Relations' -- subject(s): World politics, International relations 'International Reaganomics' -- subject(s): Foreign economic relations 'Worldviews of aspiring powers' -- subject(s): Philosophy, International relations, Middle powers, History 'International relations in perspective' -- subject(s)… Full Answer

What has the author Frederic S Pearson written?

Frederic S. Pearson has written: 'International political economy' -- subject(s): International economic integration, International economic relations, International trade, Regionalism 'The weak state in international crisis' -- subject(s): Foreign relations, Small States, States, Small, World War, 1939-1945 'International relations' -- subject(s)… Full Answer

What has the author Greg Bamber written?

Greg Bamber has written: 'International and comparative employment relations' -- subject(s): Labor policy, Industrial relations, Comparative industrial relations 'International and comparative industrial relations' -- subject(s): Internationaler Vergleich, Industrial relations, Relations industrielles, Arbeitsbeziehungen, Aufsatzsammlung 'International and comparative industrial relations' -- subject(s)… Full Answer