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Is skiing deadly?

yes, people can die skiing. however, many skiing deaths are caused by irresponsibility, such as not wearing a helmet or skiing recklessly. Full Answer

What does lunacy mean?

The term "lunacy" is old-fashioned for mental illness especially caused by the changing phases of the moon. The term is used in modern contexts for extreme stupidity or irresponsibility. Full Answer

How does wildfires form?

Most wildfires are cause by humansâ?? irresponsibility with camp fires in no burn area. Some wildfires are started naturally by lightning strikes in the dry brush. These fires burn more than 5 million acres every year. Full Answer

Define the term 'insanity'?

The term "insanity" means weakness of mind to the point of being out of touch with reality or incapable of functioning normally in one's personal and professional life. "Insanity" is defined as : "ever increasing degrees of irresponsibility." Full Answer