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How can Muslim convert to Ismaili?

The question as posed is nonsensical. A person in a more expansive religious group cannot convert to a smaller group within that religion. Ismaili Islam is one form of Shiite Islam. The equivalent question in another religion would be "How… Full Answer

Why do Ismaili not call Adhan?

This is actually incorrect. The Ismaili call the Adhan using the typical Shiite Adhan. The wording of this call can be read at the Related Link below.

Does Adelina Ismajli Copy Lady Gaga?

No. Adelina Ismaili did allmost everything back in late 90`s that Lady Gaga started in 2000. Considering that Adelina Ismaili was borned and raised in war, she is far away better than Lady Gaga.

Title of the head of ismaili Muslim?

The head of the Ismaili Muslims is called Hazar Imam (meaning Present Imam or Imam of the Time). The title Aga Khan was bestowed upon Aga Hasan Ali Shah, the 46th Imama of the Ismailis, by Fat'a Ali Shah Qachar… Full Answer