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Why ISO 9000 beginning with 9?

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has established a huge set of standards to assist in the normalization of many walks of different fields of life and science. These standards are divided into groups and numbered within the groups. ISO 9000… Full Answer

Where can one purchase an ISO Maker?

Someone who is looking for an ISO Maker can purchase an ISO creator from several different software companies. MagicISO offers the ability to produce and compile ISO files. Power ISO Maker and Nero Burning ROM are other ISO creators that… Full Answer

What is the full form of iso in computer?

It stands for International Organisation for Standardization (or the incorrect form: International Standards organisation) the .ISO file type refers to ISO 9660, a standard for DVD and CD file formats, standardized by the ISO, therefore it is .ISO Full Answer

What is the role of iso 14011?

ISO 14011 is the Environmental Management System Auditing portion of the ISO 14000 standards. It establishes procedures fir he planning and conduct of the audit. ISO 14011 has been later on replaced with the now called ISO 19011 standard which… Full Answer

What business use ISO standards?

Any business can actually apply for an ISO Certification. This means that they can implement ISO standards on their business - on what they think is fit and necessary to their organization. Every ISO standard has it's own specific purposes… Full Answer