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What are 15 fields of physical science?

Astrophysics, theoretical physics, experimental physics, nuclear physics, particle physics, computational physics, plasma physics, bio physics, quantum physics, classical physics, thermodynamics, acoustics, rheology, string theory, and fluid mechanics Full Answer

Importance of physics in our society?

Physics is extremely important in our society. We use physics in everyday life. The water in our sinks is because of physics and the laws of physics. All modes of transport are the principles of physics. Everything in society is… Full Answer

What is the meaning of pure physics?

the gathering of physics related information that adds to the knowledge of human body. Not directly concerned with the practical use and application of the information branches of pure physics bio-physics, cryogenics, electricity, electronics, magnetism, geo-physics, mathematical, mechanics, sound, nuclear… Full Answer

What are the branches of modern physics?

The Branches of modern physics are mainly 2. 1)Quantam Physics 2)Relativity There is also classical physics. as a bonus the branches of classical physics is mainly. 1) Mechanics 2) Electromagnetism 3) Thermodynamics. P.S. In both modern and classical physics there… Full Answer