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What Republic is near Italy?

Some republics close to Italy are: Albania, Republic of Slovenia, Republic of Croatia, Republic of Austria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What dates are Italy celebrations?

*** Observed Days *** ----------------------------------------------------------- Country Event 2010 ----------------------------------------------------------- Italy New Year's Day Fri, Jan 1 Italy Epiphany Wed, Jan 6 Italy Vatican Lateran Pact Anniver. Thu, Feb 11 Italy Father's Day Fri, Mar 19 Italy Daylight Saving Time begins… Full Answer

What area of Italy is an independent republic?

The question as written is unanswerable; If it's an independent republic, then it is not part of Italy. If the question intends to ask: What country entirely bordered by Italy is an independent republic? then the answer is San Marino… Full Answer

Why is there no King of Italy?

The Italian royal house is the House of Savoy (in Italian: Casa Savoia), represented by Vittorio Emanuele Prince of Naples, his son Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, and his cousin Prince Amedeo Duke of Aosta. However, Italy became a republic in… Full Answer