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What makes up the chromosoes?

If you are asking abt Midichloria Mitochondrii in the movie Phantom Menance it is.... Midichloria mitochondrii is a species of bacteria which infects the ovaries of the tick species Ixodes ricinus. Unusually, it specifically infects the mitochondria, structures found within… Full Answer

Red ring round ankle?

Sometimes a Tic bite can cause this. Tics are paracites and normally live on animals. Deer are covered with them. They hold on with their teeth, usually burying themselves into your skin and only the bum of the tic plus… Full Answer

Words that the 3rd letter is o?

bioautographic stoopingly amok flocculants reorganization plosive propamidine phonoscopes idolized pronouncement emotionlessness ikonic evolutionistic stomodeums troubadours atonal reobtaining phosphoarginine booklists spokeswoman scouters anophthalmos knocks anoetic spoils anodising broomie scooped neoclassical anomia choosiness cookhouses projets prosurrender troublesome bromidrosis elocute provirus provincially shoats… Full Answer