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How do ticks protect themselves?

Ticks from the Ixodidae family have hard, armoured bodies to help protect themselves and the fur/hair around the animals they feed on hides them from insect eating predators. Ticks from the Argasidae family have softer, more vunerable bodies and mostly… Full Answer

How many body segnets des it have?

The major families of tick include the Ixodidae or hard ticks, they have thick outer shells made of chitin, and Argasidae or soft ticks, which have a membraneous outer surface. Soft ticks typically live in crevices and emerge briefly to… Full Answer

How do ticks lay eggs?

Ticks lay eggs just like most insects: oviposition of fertilized eggs. If you are wondering about hard ticks (for example, deer ticks, or hard ticks (Ixodidae is the family), then your answer in terms of location is in the leaf… Full Answer

Words that the 3rd letter is o?

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