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What are the hell moves for NTSD 2.4?

THESE ARE THE HELL MOVES THAT WORK (4 ME SO FAR) Sakura: D,V,A,D,^,A Temari:D,>,A,D,^,J Gaara:D,V,J,D,^,J Deidara(in bird mode):D,V,J,D Sasuke:D,^,J,D^J Shino:D,^,A,D,V,J,d Kakashi:A,D,V,J Sasori:A,D,A,J Naruto:D,J,A, D,V,J,A,D Full Answer

Who is Ed Mackoul?

Edward J. Mackoul is the President of Mackoul & Associates, Inc. Mackoul & Associates Inc. is an insurance company based in Long Beach, NY that specializes in the insurance of cooperatives and condominiums on Long Island, in the 5 boroughs… Full Answer