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Wap to print nos in reverse triangle?

Here you go.... #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #define pf printf #define sf scanf void main(void) { int j,n,line; clrscr(); pf("\nEnter number of lines\n"); sf("%d",&n); for(line=n;line>=1;line--) { for(j=0;j<(n-line);j++) putchar(' '); for(j=1;j<(2*(line-1));j++) pf("%d",j); pf("\n"); } getch(); }

Who is the Nos kid?

The Nos kid is a mythical beast who is addicted to the Nos energy drink, and cheesy nos jokes (replacing not with nos). It has blindingly white skin, and flosses with organic floss.