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What has the author Haruo Shirane written?

Haruo Shirane has written: 'Classical Japanese A Grammar - Exercise Answers and Tables' 'Early Modern Japanese Literature' 'Traditional Japanese literature, abridged edition' -- subject(s): Translations into English, Japanese literature 'Classical Japanese Reader and Essential Dictionary' -- subject(s): Classical Grammar, Dictionaries… Full Answer

What has the author Traise Yamamoto written?

Traise Yamamoto has written: 'Masking selves, making subjects' -- subject(s): History and criticism, American literature, Ethnic identity, Women and literature, Japanese American authors, Japanese Americans in literature, Women authors, Japanese Americans, Intellectual life, Group identity in literature, Japanese American women… Full Answer

What has the author Michael F Marra written?

Michael F. Marra has written: 'The aesthetics of discontent' -- subject(s): History and criticism, Japanese literature, Medieval Aesthetics, Politics and literature 'Modern Japanese aesthetics' -- subject(s): Japanese Aesthetics 'Representations of power' -- subject(s): Civilization, Medieval, in literature, History and criticism… Full Answer