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What is jewelry make?

i tink it is made of gold metle and lots of rocks and that's how you make in that's what i think about it
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How much does jewelry designers make?

a Jewelry designer earns $18.00 per hour if they have 1-4years experience and if they have 5-9years experience they earn $25.00 per hour. but this all depends on your inployer ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of jewelry design?

Jewelry design can be defined as the profession or art of crafting, creating, rendering and fabricating designs for jewelry.
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What is the definition of a jewelry designer?

A jewelry designer is a person who creates and then physicallymakes pieces of jewelry. They are the one who decides the color,shape, and patterns in the piece.
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Duties and responsibilities of a Jewelry designer?

Jewelry designers are responsible for creating the designs forpopular jewelry. They also cut, set and polish gemstones and metalsthat they use in their designs.
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What is the salary of a jewelry designer in Greece?

The salary of a jewelry designer in Greece is about 36,000 Eurosper year. This will vary depending on the level of experience andthe clients served.
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How can you make Jewelry?

you can buy smashed pretty rock and make a little hole and put string thew it.
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What is the salary for a jewelry designer?

The salary for a jewelry designer varies widely based on locationand skill. In the United States, jewelry designers earn an averagesalary of $46,636 per year.
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What percentage of a jewelry budget goes to the jewelry design?

It's difficult to say, but the "raw" materials are more or less the same price to all manufacturers/designers. One could argue that the more famous the designer (and more cost ( Full Answer )
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Who was the jewelry designer Alopa?

Alopa was (not sure if they are still in business) a luxury Swiss jewelry manufacturing company. They made high end pins and had beautiful workmanship.
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How do you make jewelry?

I personally would find stones and get some bendy metal to wraparound and hook it up to a chain to make a necklace. I also wouldfind seashells with holes and attach them to th ( Full Answer )
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Do you need a patent jewelry design?

Jewelry patents have been granted to jewelry manufacturers and artisans since 1850 for protection against copying by competitors. For precious and non precious jewelry there a ( Full Answer )
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Who designs David yurmans jewelry?

David Yurman features a range of different designers. Typically, they release new designs each season (from 1 specific designer). They also have their consistent employees des ( Full Answer )
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What is a design idea?

a design idea is where you plan your design which you are going to make.
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How to become a jewelry designer?

You need to understand how jewelry is made and worn to become a true designer. If this is something you would like to do you should research schools in your area and see if th ( Full Answer )
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Where is Omar Torres jewelry designer?

You can find Omar's jewelry in ShopNBC. A few of his pieces can be found (from to time) on EBay and Amazon.
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What is a jewelry designer?

A jewelry designer is someone who designs jewelry like rings,necklaces, bracelets, pendants, etc. If you have some idea for apiece of jewelry and you want unique type, then yo ( Full Answer )
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What is the best jewelry design software?

Hello Everyone, The best 2D software to design jewelry or Trace the jewelry for technical drawing would be CorelDraw. I am a Jewelry Designer for 5 years now and have been ( Full Answer )
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Who is sterling jewelry designer JB?

He is a world famous maker of sterling pendants and bracelets basedin florida made by jb sterling
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Who are the top designers for jewelry in the US?

The top ten jewelry designers in the United States are as follows: Bill Barnes, Tiffany, Maurice Balder, Tacori, YLang123, valerieg, Bijoux NYC, Scott Kay, Blue Nile, and Cart ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find designer jewelry?

You can find all types of designer jewelry in a variety of places. Department stores will always carry jewelry from a variety of different designers. To find a specific design ( Full Answer )
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What is designer jewelry?

Designer jewelery is jewelery produced by a reputable designer in a limited quantity. Many jewelers carry at least some brands of designer jewelery in their stores.
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Do jewelry designers make a lot of money?

Jewelry designers, while working with precious stones and metal, do not necessarily make a lot of money. It all depends on the market they are involved in and the success of t ( Full Answer )
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How can you become a jewelry designer?

You can become a jewelry designer after you get some training on jewelry designing. Then, some companies would might want to hire you and you can start making some money.
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IS magnetic jewelry a good idea?

Magnetic jewelry is a good idea except for magnetic necklaces for children, which risk lethal suffocation in the incident of an accident. Although not proven scientifically, m ( Full Answer )
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What qualifications are needed to be a jewelry designer?

None! Though a degree at art school could be helpful. It's a career where creativity and talent is more important than academia. Tho i'm sure you can find classes which teach ( Full Answer )
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Who are designers that make roman glass jewelry?

Some popular roman glass jewelry designers are Artisan, Kapara, Michal Kirat and Angie Olami. There designs are often in the more expensive jewelry shops.
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How can you find new jewelry designs?

For people seeking new jewellery designs, the online magazine "Jeweller" is a good place to start. "Jeweller" features the latest news, trends and forecast for jewellery desig ( Full Answer )
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What are some jewelry designers?

There are hundreds of jewellery designers around the world. However a few of the top jewellery designers are Harry Winston, Buccellati, Bulgari, Chopard, and Graff.
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Where can one find jewelry design?

Jewelry designs are typically featured on many jewelry store websites, as well as the sites of the independent designers themselves. The Jewelry Making Journal is also an exce ( Full Answer )
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Who are some famous jewelry designers?

Harry Winston, Buccellati, Van Cleef and Arpels, Graff, Tiffany & Co, Piaget, Bulgari, and Mikimoto all famous jewelery designers. All have corporate websites where you much p ( Full Answer )
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Where are Carats Design jewelry based?

Carats Design Jewelry is based out of the cite of Auckland, New Zealand. They are located at the address of Level 1, 10 High Street, Auckland Central.