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What protects DNA?

The nucleus, but telomeres protect DNA by adding junk DNA to the ends that way the exons do not get messed with. The 5' Cap and the Poly-A Tail are the two ends of the DNA with junk DNA, or… Full Answer

What is considered junk DNA?

In DNA molecules, there are segments which are called genes and they are separated by DNA which has no known use. They don't seem to code for anything. These segments are called "junk" DNA. They must have some use but… Full Answer

What is the function of noncoding genomes?

These segments are often called 'junk DNA' but we are learning that they are not really 'junk' as once was thought. The human genome is a genetic jungle full of sequences of "freeloaders," "parasites," "hitchhikers," "ancient viral invaders," and "evolutionary… Full Answer

Why does junk DNA exists?

Because they are sequence of messenger RNA (mRNA) that the promoter - first codon, failed to find a pair in ribosomes. Example, if the sequence of promoter is UGC in mRNA, it must find an rRNA with a codon having… Full Answer