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What kind of satires are there?

Horatian, Juvenalian and Menippean or Varronian. Horatian satire is when the speaker is witty and tolerant. Juvenalian satire, on the other hand, attacks errors in people and things with scorn and loathing. Juvenalian satire uses sarcasm and irony to make… Full Answer

What are the types of satires?

HORATION SATIRE is playfully amusing and seeks to correct vice or foolishness with gentle laughter and understanding. JUVENALIAN SATIRE provokes a darker kind of laughter. It is often bitter and criticizes corruption or incompetence with scorn and outrage. Full Answer

What is Horace satire?

A Horatian satire (the term comes from Horace, a Greek writer) is a light-hearted, not so serious satire that pokes fun at many things. An example would be Candide by Voltaire. On the other hand, a Juvenalian satire (the term… Full Answer