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Is Kabbalah Jewish Mysticism?

Although Kabbalah does contain aspects of mysticism, that is far from what Kabbalah is. Real Kabbalah (as opposed to the new-age cult that many famous people belong to) is the advanced study of the Tanach (Jewish Bible). You can think… Full Answer

What are the main beliefs in kabbalah?

Authentic Kabbalah does not deal in belief. That is how it differs from religion. Instead, Kabbalah is a method that aims to reveal the Creator to the creatures. However, if you would like a basic concept the main idea is… Full Answer

How popular is Kabbalah?

Probably too popular. According to Jewish tradition, one needs to be thoroughly learned in such subjects as Talmud and halakha before attempting kabbalah, which is deeeper and more easily misunderstood. There are an embarrassing number of "armchair kabbalists" who aren't… Full Answer

How does Kabbalah affect the Jews today?

Kabbalah for the most part has been well-integrated into mainstream Jewish teaching and liturgy. It is only really known and discussed as a separate entity among small communities of Orthodox Jews. As for Madonna-esque Kabbalah, that has no connection to… Full Answer