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What is the main Russian religion?

The Russian Orthodoxy are Russia's current main religion, with the most followers. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism are Russia's "traditional" religions. They are legally a part of Russia's heritage. Atheists make up approximately 15% to 35% of the population. Buddhism… Full Answer

Which countries follow Buddhism?

Five countries recognize Buddhism as their official or predominate religion, these are: Bhutan, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Kalmykia (a small European country in the Russian Federation). But. in the bigger context, there are Buddhists in almost every country. For… Full Answer

What is the School of Buddhism?

Theravada Answer: The schools of Buddhism are the various subdivisions within Buddhism. Each follows an interpretation of Buddhist teaching and traditions. These are several dozen sects which one could identify but the differences are pretty minor to non-Buddhists. The bigger… Full Answer

What languages do Russians use?

Russian is the official language throughout the whole country, however there are 27 other languages that are official in various regions. They are: # Abaza (in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic) # Adyghe (in the Republic of Adygea) # Altay (in the… Full Answer

What is is Russians main languages?

Russian is Russia's official language. However, there are many other languages recognized in certain parts of Russia. Abaza (in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic)[2] Adyghe (in the Republic of Adygea) Altay (in the Altai Republic) Avar (in the Republic of Dagestan) Bashkir… Full Answer