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Does cats eat keas?

Keas are relatively fierce birds, known for wounding sheep in New Zealand. It is likely that a cat would eat a kea, or parts of one, if he could catch one; but it is possible that keas generally would be… Full Answer

What does a Kea eat?

Keas only take the livestock after it has been hunted. It has been proven that they only eat the carcass and not kill. Other than that, they may nibble on plants. It may take shearwater chicks. Full Answer

What are examples of ominvores?

Some examples of Ominvores are: Bears, Humans, Hedgehogs, Opossums, Pigs, Chimpanzees, Raccoons, Skunks, Piranhas, lizards and some turtles, Cassowarys, Rheas, Crosw, magpies, ravens adn rooks, keas and rails. Full Answer