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What is turkey famous for?

Istanbul as a city. Hagia Sophia, Bosphorus, Grand Bazaar are famous places in Istanbul. Antalya, Ephesus, Pergamon, Troy, Cappadocia, Pamukkale are famous places. Ataturk is famous as a leader, Nazim Hikmet as a poet, Orhan Pamuk is Nobel winning writer… Full Answer

How do you make donner kebab?

Döner kebab (Turkish: döner kebap or döner kebabı, literally "rotating roast", often abbreviated as döner, also spelled donair, donar, doner, or sometimes donner), is a Turkishdish made of lamb meat cooked on a vertical spit and sliced off to order… Full Answer

What is the most popular German food?

Pork Ribs Second Answer:Currywurst Pommes - a grilled sausage with curry-ketchup and chips; it's typical German and orginates in HamburgDöner Kebap - a warm pita-bread filled with salad, tomato, cabbage, sliced and grilled veal (or chicken) and various hot or… Full Answer