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Is KERS implemented in F1?

Hi In Formula 1 season this year (2011) KERS will be back in the sport. Although F1 didn't invent the system they have championed it in the past and now back again. Full Answer

What is KERS in f1 car?

KERS stands for 'Kinetic Energy Recovery System' and is where energy produced from the rear axle when the driver applies the brakes is stored in a battery. The driver can then use this energy from the battery for an extra… Full Answer

What language does car come from?

The word 'car' itself; 1301, "wheeled vehicle," from Norman French 'carre', from Latin 'carrum', 'carrus' (pl. carra), original "two-wheeled Celtic war chariot," from Gaullish 'karros', from Proto-Indio English krsos, from base -kers "to run." Extension to mean "automobile" is 1896. Full Answer