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Are Khazars Jewish?

The Khazars were converts to Judaism, around 1200 years ago in the Crimea. Some scholars believe that only the ruling clique of the Khazars became Jewish while most of the populace did not. There are those who make the allegation… Full Answer

Were the Khazars Successful?

It has been speculated that only the inner royal circle of the Khazars became Jewish, not the entire nation. In any case, they were located in the Crimea and conducted trade. Later, they were conquered and dispersed. They flourished around… Full Answer

Are Khazars the original Jews?

No. That is an anti-Semitic canard and has been disproved through DNA analysis. The Khazars were a people in southern Russia whose small ruling class converted to Judaism (some 13 centuries ago) for trade reasons as well as for reasons… Full Answer

What were the original Jews?

Israelites, descended from the Hebrews. The Jewish people are descendants of Abraham, whose Semitic ancestors lived in the Fertile Crescent and who lived most of his life in the Middle Eastern country of Israel (Canaan) 3800 years ago. Abraham is… Full Answer

Are Ashkenazi Jews the descendants of Judah?

Answer Ashkenazi Jews have the same tribal affiliations as all other Jewish communities - Israel, Levi (Kohen), and Judah. There are some people who continue to claim that Ashkenazi Jews are the descendants of the Khazars, however, this has been… Full Answer

Are Ashkenazi Jews descended from the Khazars?

This is an emotional issue and arguments have been put forward to both prove or disprove a significant contribution of Khazar (and other) tribal DNA to European Jewry. Wikipedia explains the difficulties of resolving this argument: "The hypothesis of Khazarian… Full Answer

Where do ashkenazim Jews come from?

Eastern Europe and Russia, Austria and Germany, and (medieval) France and Italy. The Sephardic Jews, on the other hand, were in northern Africa, Iraq and Iran, Spain and Portugal, and Greece. Rabbi Yitzchak HaLevy (in a book called Doroth HaRishonim)… Full Answer

Did judaism spread to other countries?

With Jewish migration, yes. But as far as getting new populations to become Jewish, no (with three exceptions), since the Torah does not ask us to urge anyone to become Jewish; and certainly not to coerce them. The three exceptions… Full Answer

How did St. Cyril die?

St. Cyril died in February of 869 shortly after traveling to Rome to receive Pope Adrian's approval of the Slavonic liturgy (late 868). In "Life and Acts of Constantine", Clement of Ohrid, a contemporary, reports that St. Cyril (known as… Full Answer

What is the history behind the word Bulgarians?

Asparukh, heir of Old Great Bulgaria's han Kubrat, migrated with several Bulgar tribes to the lower courses of the rivers Danube, Dniester and Dniepr (known as Ongal) after his father's state was subjugated by the Khazars. He conquered Moesia and… Full Answer

Who was the father of the Jewish people?

From a traditional religious perspective, Abraham. He is depicted as having lived about 4,000 years ago and is considered the first monotheist in his region as well as the first member of the Jewish religion (Yahweh's chosen). Through his sons… Full Answer