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What was the name of the Japanese fighter plane in World War 2?

Japan had many kinds of fighter planes, here's a list of them: Mitsubishi A5MMitsubishi A6M ZeroMitsubishi A7MAichi S1ANakajima J1NMitsubishi J2MMitsubishi J4MKyushu J7WMitsubishi J8MNakajima Ki-27Nakajima Ki-43Nakajima Ki-44Kawasaki Ki-60Kawasaki Ki-61Kawasaki Ki-64Mitsubishi Ki-83Nakajima Ki-84Kawasaki Ki-88Kawasaki Ki-96Kawasaki Ki-100Kawasaki Ki-102Nakajima Ki-201Rikugun Ki-202Nakajima Ki-62 Full Answer