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What are traditions of Syrian?

Syria is a country rich with traditions. Annual festive traditions include the Traditional Festival, the Bosra Festival, the International Flower Fair, and the Damascus International Trade Fair. Traditional foods include soups, chicken, fish, humus, and kibbe. Folklore dance known as… Full Answer

What scrabble words start with k and end with e?

kae, kue, kye, kale, kame, kane, kibe, kine, kite, knee, kune, kyte, kedge, keeve, kente, kerne, kibbe, kithe, kluge, knave, knawe, knife, koine, kopje, krewe, krone, kyrie, kythe, karate, kebbie, keckle, kelpie, ketene, ketone, ketose, kettle, kewpie, kibble, kiddie, killie… Full Answer