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What is a sword with a curved blade called?

Entirely depends on the nation and the type of sword. the Japanese curved blades are called wakizachi, katana, and no-dachi respectively for a short, normal length, and extra long version respectively. A chinese curved sword is commonly called the dao… Full Answer

What are musketeers swords called?

Extremely difficult to answer with a comprehensive answer, musketeers were not specific to one nation or one army, and were on the fields of battle from the early 14th to the latter 18th centuries. Musketeer is more of a MOS… Full Answer

Who was malik shah?

Malik Shah was the third sultan of the Seljuks from 1072 until his death in 1092. In 1072 he succeeded his father to head an empire that controlled parts of Arabia, Mesopotamia, and areas near the Persian Gulf. His rule… Full Answer