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Where is mysore?

Mysore is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka, and the administrative seat of Mysore District, one of the largest districts in Karnataka. Mysore was the former capital of the Kingdom of Mysore. Karnataka is situated in the south… Full Answer

Write a note on fourth anglo-mysore war?

This was the final conflict of the four Anglo-Mysore Wars. The British took indirect control of Mysore, restoring the Wodeyar Dynasty to the Mysore throne (with a British commissioner to advise him on all issues). Tipu's young heir, Fateh Ali… Full Answer

What is old name of karnataka?

MYSORE was the old name of karnataka. After naming the old place as karnataka, mysore name was given to small region around mysore palace (where mysore maharaja's use to reside) inside karnataka. -Suresh Full Answer