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What does nakerd mean?

It means your tired and sleepy ,,people in the u.k use this term Answer: Knackered is British term meaning (when speaking of an animal like a workhorse) worn out and ready to be killed. The "knacker" was the person whose… Full Answer

Why wont your Mazda 6 start?

Same as with most cars, failure in the ignition system, electrical failure, failure in fuel supply. The only time mine has failed to start in over 220k miles was a knackered battery which spontaneously died. Full Answer

What is another word for tired?

Other words for tired include: exhausted, tired out, worn out, weary, fatigued, spent, drained, all in, beat, knocked out, fagged (out), dog-tired, ready to drop, dead tired, done in, knackered, whacked, bushed, wiped out, drowsy, sleepy, sleep-deprived, dead beat, and… Full Answer